We have formed our own real estate development company, SUB 4 Development Company, to handle all aspects of the construction process. Our property development office is located at 2301 W Bradley Ave, Champaign. Once the project is complete, Sub4 will turnover the finished product to Green Street Realty to lease and manage the property. 


We have built numerous new projects over the last several years, and have a huge pipeline of new products coming to the market in 2018 and beyond, including our first ventures out of the Champaign-Urbana market for construction. We look forward to growing our footprint outside of the community and outside of the State of Illinois. You can see some of them on our NEW CONSTRUCTION section of our website. Below are some of our completed and our newest development projects and a snapshot of some of our previous developments and some of the development that we are planning for 2018-2019 delivery.