Studio apartments - Champaign IL

Green St Realty has several studio apartments in Champaign IL available for rent. Starting at $550, our studio apartments are an affordable option for someone looking for their own apartment. Green St has the best selection of apartments in all of Champaign - begin your search today!

Advantages of Renting A Studio Apartment

The cool thing about studio style apartments, in addition to lower rent and a minimalist style, is that they're usually in prime locations that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Often, studio apartments are also placed in the hip parts of town and within walking or biking distance of your workplace and fun restaurants and local businesses.


Why Choose a Studio Apartment?

1. You’ll Save Rent Money

One of the more obvious perks of - and likely the reason you're looking at - a studio apartment is its low cost, even compared to a one-bedroom apartment. Studios often run about $150-$200 less than a one bedroom. If you’re on a tight budget, studio apartments are your best bet.


2. You’ll Save On Electricity

The primary benefit of a studio apartment is economical. Its small space is cheaper to heat and cool, and an entire unit could be illuminated with a single light. You'll also have to prioritize what you have plugged in and drawing energy.


3. You’ll Have Less Space to Furnish

As for furnishing your apartment, your duty will be two-fold: you'll have to choose furniture that fits, and you'll also have to choose furniture that offer additional storage space. Every inch counts.


4. You’ll Have Less Space to Clean

Since there's little room for clutter, it's a lot easier to clean and maintain. Good thing, too, since you won't have infinite space to store cleaining supplies! Every cleaning task — from dishes, to sweeping, to vacuuming and even laundry — is made easier.


5. You’ll Get Out More

With less space and your proximity to hot spots in town, you'll be itching to get out and about as long as the weather permits!


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