Pet-friendly Apartments in Champaign IL

A Place You & Your Pet Can Call Home

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Champaign IL? Green St Realty, the largest apartment rental company in Champaign IL, can help you and your pet find a place to call home. Our pet-friendly apartments are conveniently located near the Champaign Public Library, Midtown, and Campustown.


Our official pet policy is that we typically do not allow pets in our apartment buildings. We do make some exceptions, and if your pet is approved, you will need to sign our pet addendum and pay a non-refundable fee of $250 for each pet. To proactively prepare, also have your pet’s veterinarian records handy, to prove they’ve received the shots and vaccinations required to live in pet-friendly apartments.


We also have several houses for rent in which we allow pets. You can find those on our apartments for sale page. By looking with Green St Realty, you and your pet can live comfortably and worry-free in a place you both call home.


On-Campus & Off-Campus Luxury Apartments

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