Current residents may sublease their apartment to another person by signing a sublease agreement through Green Street Realty. A sublease contract is an agreement between the original resident (sublessor) and the new resident (sublessee). The original resident is ultimately responsible to Green Street Realty for the lease obligations in the event that the sublessee does not fulfill their sublease obligation. Current residents are responsible for finding their own sublessee. All sublessees must fill out an application.  Any outstanding balances must be paid in full before the sublease agreement may be signed.


Green Street residents are responsible for finding their own subleases.  If you are looking for a sublessee you can complete the Sublet Your Apartment Request Form for listing on our site.  We also suggest you post a listing on Craigslist, Facebook, or Reddit. The sublessor and the potential sublessee will be responsible for agreeing on the sublease start date, end date, rent payment amount, and security deposit. If the agreed-upon sublease rent amount is short of the lease rent amount, the sublessor will be responsible for paying the difference. Green Street Realty strongly encourages the sublessor to require the sublessee to pay a security deposit. The security deposit amount must be agreed upon both parties, and the sublessee will pay the security deposit directly to the sublessor.


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