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A studio type apartment is ideal for those whose plans are subject to change, as they give you the flexibility of renting paired with the freedom of having a space to yourself. Green St Realty has the best selection of apartments in all of Champaign  — click the button below if you'd like to see what studio units we have available for rent. If you'd like to learn more, including advantages of choosing and tips for furnishing a studio apartment, continue reading! We detail both topics below.


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More About Studio Apartments in Champaign IL

You may have heard it by a few names (studio apartment, bachelor apartment, efficiency apartment, or studio flat, to name a few), but you likely know a studio apartment for one thing: its open floor plan and low total square footage.


Studio apartments in Champaign IL are also usually the most affordable units that one can find. They are perfect for students who need live tightly and need to save money every month. These kinds of apartments in Champaign IL are also close to the lively parts of town. They are within walking or biking distance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, not to mention exciting restaurants and other local businesses.


Advantages of Renting A Studio Apartment

The cool thing about studio style apartments, in addition to lower rent and a minimalist style, is that they're usually in prime locations that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Often, studio apartments are also placed in the hip parts of town and within walking or biking distance of your workplace and fun restaurants and local businesses.


Why Choose a Studio Apartment?

1. You’ll Save Rent Money

One of the more obvious perks of - and likely the reason you're looking at - a studio apartment is its low cost, even compared to a one-bedroom apartment. Studios, at the very least, typically run about $150-$200 less than a one bedroom. If you’re on a tight budget, studio apartments are your best bet.


2. You’ll Save On Electricity

The primary benefit of a studio apartment is economical. Its small space is cheaper to heat and cool, and an entire unit could be illuminated with a single light. You'll also have to prioritize what you have plugged in and drawing energy.


3. You’ll Have Less Space to Furnish

As for furnishing your apartment, your duty will be two-fold: you'll have to choose furniture that fits, and you'll also have to choose furniture that offer additional storage space. Every inch counts.


4. You’ll Have Less Space to Clean

Since there's little room for clutter, it's a lot easier to clean and maintain. Good thing, too, since you won't have infinite space to store cleaining supplies! Every cleaning task — from dishes, to sweeping, to vacuuming and even laundry — is made easier.


5. You’ll Get Out More

With less space and your proximity to hot spots in town, you'll be itching to get out and about as long as the weather permits!


Ideas For Decorating and Furnishing Your Studio Apartment

With studio apartments, you have to be especially creative in how you manage your space. You'll want to maximize each square inch, and to help you in doing so, we've included a few tips that our tenants have found useful.


  • Leverage tall ceilings: if you have tall ceilings in your studio, building a loft is a killer way to add some additional square footage to your space.
  • Maximize storage space: consider using what's called an "open-air" closet. Using different drawers, shelves and hanging racks can allow you to create the perfect "walk-in closet." Another tactic at your disposal: double-duty furniture. Use beds and benches that have storage space built into them, meaning you don't waste an inch.
  • Wall space: Hang a bike rack on your wall, and proudly display your bike under a colorful painting. The bike is still easily accessible, but it's also completely out of the way.
  • Sleep in peace: consider defining your sleep space with curtains. While the open floor plan is a perk of studio apartments, it's nice to have a designated sleeping area for yourself.


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Having a studio apartment in Champaign IL is very convenient especially for a student. Everything is located in the same room that you are in. A studio apartment also lets you prioritize more important things. They will prevent you from buying unnecessary items because you would have limited room to store them. You will only need basic furnishings for your studio apartment in Champaign IL.


If you choose to stay in one of studio apartments in Champaign IL, you can also save a lot of time because there is not that much space to clean. The time in performing every house chore is reduced relative to your living space being physically smaller. You will also find that utility bills are significantly lower, again because of the smaller living space.


Consider having a studio apartment in Champaign IL. Let Green Street Realty help you. Contact us today.


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